Why Greece

Greece has it all!

Greece is an excellent choice for visiting and organizing a conference for a great many reasons:

  • Greece is a country of great natural beauty and diversity, with beautiful mountains and world renowned islands.
  • Greece has a very rich history, cultural heritage and numerous historical monuments and famous archeological sites.
  • The weather is very pleasant for the best part of the year, mostly sunny with high temperatures.
  • Greece is very well connected with a great number of flights all year round to Athens and seasonal flights to many Greek islands.
  • There are many conference venues in Athens and in beautiful locations around Greece that can accommodate a wide variety of events such as conferences, congresses, workshops, meetings etc.
  • A very high professional standard of services related to all aspects of conference organization, e.g. tourist services and hospitality, catering, audiovisual support, promotion services etc.
  • Greece offers very competitive prices and great value for money in relation to the standard of services offered.

After all, Greece is well known for its natural beauty and its hospitality. Choose Greece as the next venue for your conference!

Why Greece Why Greece Why Greece Why Greece